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Norma Group

About us

Norma Group is a world leader in joining technology. We deliver intelligent, customized solutions for all industries. Our products are well known by high quality and reliability in all conditions. NORMA is synonymous of expertise and innovation combining the right technology and customer specificity.

Whether you are an engineer, a plumber or an architect, we can assure you that, as a professional user, you will love our extensive range of connectors and fasteners.

Our pipe couplings, hose clamps, fastening elements and compression fittings are technologically advanced and will help you maintain operational integrity and safety even in critical applications. With our leading brand NORMA®, we offer you first-class quality, unmatched reliability and outstanding performance.

This is the reason why we have been setting the standards for excellence in advanced joining technology for over seven decades.

Headquarters in Maintal

Brands overview


Norma Group
Edisonstr. 4
63477 Maintal

Phone:  +49 6181 4030
Norma Group Distribution Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Długa 2
42-436 Pilica

Phone:  +48 6031 30369

Contact person:

Arkadiusz Kwiecień
Sales Manager East Europe
Phone: +48 6031 30369

Products & Services

Water Technology
Building Material Machines
Building & Construction

The NORMACONNECT® FGR pipe coupling is a connection suitable to safely join thick- and thin-walled plastic and metal pipes. It connects plain-ended supply pipes as well as exhaust pipes for solid, liquid or gaseous media in a reliable manner. The connecting elements help to reduce assembly times and costs significantly, because they eliminate the need for additional expenses such as welding, galvanizing or pipe alignment and treatment of pipe ends.

Furthermore, FGR is light, reusable, can be used in narrow spaces and resists high vibration loads due to its special geometry. NORMACONNECT® FGR couplings are used in mechanical engineering and construction, shipbuilding, civil engineering and in hydro technology.

NORMACONNECT® DCS range has been proven a million times when used to achieve both a reliable and economic connection of socketless drainage pipes. Inside buildings, in underground car parks, buried in soil and for drainage systems in bridges, DCS coupling is the ideal connecting solution.


NORMACONNECT® GRIP/GRIP E axial restraint pipe couplings are used to connect metal pipes. The anchoring ring with conically stamped teeth indents into the pipe surface (steel, stainless steel or cast iron) and provides safe and strong axial restraint. Owing to the special design, the coupling can withstand even high vibration loads


NORMACONNECT® FLEX /FLEX E are axial non-restraint couplings. They are used for all kind of metal pipes, as well as pipes made of concrete or plastic. Sealing reliability is ensured even when NORMACONNECT® FLEX/FLEX E pipe couplings are mounted on pipes with or without a gap and also on compensated pipes


NORMACONNECT® DCS RAPID with block tightening for non-pull-out resistant connections enables a fast connection. The visible torque control and the single-bolt closure provide for a fast and easy installation. Our DCS RAPID is the perfect solution to connect drainage fittings and pipes made of cast iron acc. to EN 877.


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